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This is a 3-part series where Dave will teach the applicable truths for the foundational 3 chapters in his new release.  This book, and training, is meant to equip church members with the tools to reach the community in a simple, yet profound way.  The lessons learned in each session come directly from the book and can be used as an easy evangelism tool to reach the lost.

Session 1: How did we get here?

Session 2: Where do we go when we die?


Session 3: Why are we here?

Books to share with the community will be available for only $9.99 per book.  This allows each member to easily afford to make a small investment into a few people they run into on a daily basis, and start a great relationship with them that will lead to the ultimate talk:  The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Suggested method for series:

Over the last 15 years of traveling to churches, and collaborating with many other effective ministries across the U.S., we have found that the way to get the best results is to start Session 1 on a Sunday morning.  This way, you are capturing the congregation at a time that they are already used to being there.  Once they hear the first message, and get a feel for how much excitement Dave has to talk about Jesus, they are hungry for more.

The 2nd session should be Sunday night, and the final session should be Monday night.  History has shown us that when conducted this way, attendance is high for all 3 sessions, and community impact is at its greatest.

When people catch the excitement and simplicity of How, Why, Where, they tend to invite others on the following nightly events.

This really is a high impact event.