"In the many years that I have known Dave Glander, I realize that he is an "all-around great guy"--a fellow who has been exceptionally helpful to me in my ministry, who is always willing to take on extra work in order to help me, and so on. I have come to see his passion for ministry in order to facilitate his calling, as well as his passion to meet other people's needs. His willingness to keep giving of himself is just amazing. And add to all this, his personal testimony is one of the most outstanding ones that I have ever heard."

Dr. Gary Habermas
Distinguished Research Professor
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

"In Christian higher education and ministry, it has been my pleasure to meet many persons. As may be expected, some stand out more prominently than others. One such individual is educator and Christian servant Dave Glander. Dave I have known each other a little over 6 years, and have worked together in several contexts. As Director of the Center for Apologetics and Christian Worldview at North Greenville University, it has been my privilege to utilize Dave as a speaker at our Truth For A New Generation conferences. At the TNG events, Dave has spoken to audiences large and small, teens and adults, and is always very well received. I have heard Dave Glander speak on apologetics / worldview topics, such as: Historicity of Christ’s resurrection; textual evidence for the New Testament; Dead Sea Scrolls / preservation of the Old Testament; Creation vs. Evolution (refuting Darwinism); and more.

I have also witnessed Dave doing open-forum, “unscripted” Question and Answer periods with teens and adults. Again, he is always very well received (especially so with the youth). He can impressively “think on his feet” and provide content that is solidly Biblical, engaging, and delivered in a witty and winsome style. Dave is a speaker that I am always able to promote with full confidence that he will equip and strengthen the attendees. Dave comes to minister for Christ, and does this very well. Dave Glander is committed to Christian orthodoxy— as am I— making our times of collaboration very fruitful. In all the contexts in which we have worked, my respect and trust in him has only grown. Like few people I have worked with, Dave fruitfully brings together a heart for Christ, care for people, keen skill as a theologian, and innate gifting as a teacher."

Alex McFarland
Director, Center for Apologetics and Christian Worldview
North Greenville, University

"Dave has a tremendous passion to connect with people young to old and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very powerful and relational way. He is a great communicator as well through the forum of apologetics. Dave will inspire, encourage, and equip you with solid Biblical truth that will prepare you to defend your faith. God has used Dave so powerfully these last four years at Metrolina Christian Academy. We have seen many students not only grow in their faith but we have also seen several come to faith in Jesus Christ because of his work on our campus."

Rev. Rick Calloway
Head of School
Metrolina Christian Academy