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Dave Glander was formerly a devout Atheist prior to experiencing a radical encounter with Jesus Christ. He is now a deeply committed believer in Jesus Christ and the Bible. Dave is humbled to be a part of the team at Reasons for Hope.  He is very proud to be the founder of an Apologetics Youth Summer Camp called EQUIP Retreat, which serves to equip students with absolute truths to support their Christian faith, empowering them to really own their faith, and the boldness to share it with others. Dave has served as both a youth and senior pastor for many years.    He has taught at major national and regional conferences, universities, churches, and youth camps around the country. He is the author of "How, Why, Where?", "Who do You say I am?", and the "Faith Survival Guide," an Apologetics curriculum that is making a great impact with college groups, small groups, youth camps, and church seminars.  He has been a columnist for one of the largest home-school magazines in the country and curator for the Museum of Truth.   Additionally, Dave hosts the "What is Truth Radio Show," and has been a featured guest on television talk shows and nationally syndicated radio shows, speaking on the subjects of Apologetics and Theology. His dynamic teaching techniques leaves a lasting impression on people of all ages. Dave currently lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Stephanie and proud father of his son Marc and his wife, Alyssa.

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