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How much influence, or say, should a parent have over their children's beliefs?

Watch this to see WHY parents need to share their faith with their children.

Watch this short video to see why it matters what people believe.

Read this article to learn how to distinguish between right & wrong.

If it's not ok for Christians to influence their children, what about Islam?

If you're a total geek (like Dave) and want a huge plethora of relevant info:

watch this video to see how Gabby and Dave handled this question out in the streets.

Click on link for this month's zoom call training:

Meetings are Eastern Standard Times

If you miss a meeting, click on the same link to watch the recorded version of the meeting.
Allow up to 24 hours after the event for recorded meeting to be uploaded and ready for viewing.

Trace Embry
License to Parent


Join us on February 12th as Trace Embry will be teaching on his knowledge about what parents are facing today.  Trace is the founder of Shepherds Hill Academy and the host of the Nationally syndicated radio show, License to Parent.

Tina Griffin
Counter Culture Mom

Join us on February 26th as we look deeper into what youth are facing today and how parents can counter the offenses against them.  Tina is host of the show, Counter Culture Mom, which is viewed by millions of people across the country.

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