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january 2024

Why do Christians claim they are the "only" right way to live?  Should they stay silent about their faith?

Watch this 3.5 minute video to learn why all religions cannot claim to all be true.

This is both a 25 minute panel discussion video, and a very short article to read.

This is a fantastic short read by Got Questions. Take a moment to soak this one in.

This is great training on what pure evangelism from Wretched TV - A Must Watch!

watch this video to see how Gabby and Dave handled this question out in the streets.

Click on link for this month's zoom call training:

Meetings are Eastern Standard Times

If you miss a meeting, click on the same link to watch the recorded version of the meeting.
Allow up to 24 hours after the event for recorded meeting to be uploaded and ready for viewing.

Dave Glander
Reasons for Hope


Join us on January 8th as Dave Glander will be teaching us why Christians ought not be worried concerned about sharing their worldviews in a culture that is also dogmatically doing the same with theirs already!

Bill Jack
Answers in Genesis

Bill Jack.png

Join us on January 29th as Bill Jack will be sharing tips and tricks on street evangelism and what four essential questions need to be asked by every participant, no matter how crazy their worldview may be.

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